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In a world dominated by big-box retailers, wanting to start an independent retail business probably feels a bit like David battling Goliath. "Why bother?" you think. "I'll only get crushed." But these days, your small size could save your business. The big boxes have gotten so bloated. The good news is, retail spending has remained strong through the economic ups and downs (it totaled about $3.58 trillion in 2002, according to the U.S. Census Bureau).

While the costs of establishing a permanent retail location can be steep--you may spend up to $100,000 or more, with leases spanning three to 10 years--carts, kiosks and temporary spaces can be an easier way to get a foot in the door with a lot less risk. The upfront investment for a kiosk or a cart ranges from just $2,000 to $10,000, according to Patricia Norins, publisher of Specialty Retail Report , a quarterly trade publication for specialty retailers. And today, carts and kiosks are a $10 billion industry.

Flexibility is another advantage to staying small. License agreements for carts and kiosks are shorter and are usually renewed every month up to one year depending on the location. This arrangement makes it easy for entrepreneurs to "come in, try it out for a month, and if their product isn't working, shift to a new product line or close up shop and move to a new location," Norins says.

These temporary locations can also work well for seasonal businesses that only need to be open for a limited time. For example, a specialty candy shop may open just before Christmas, remain open through Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day, then close for the remainder of the year. The most popular site for a temporary operation is a busy mall, but many operators are also finding success in airports and other transportation facilities, at sporting events, and at other creative venues limited only by their imagination and ability to strike a deal with the property manager.

Not interested in doing business in a mall? Street vendors and swap meet and fair concessionaires need to check with the city or county in which they want to do business for the regulations and specifications for the types of products, hours and displays that are allowed.

Starting Your Business Options for starting a cart or kiosk business include opening a permanent location in a mall and leasing a cart; buying a cart to use for outdoor events or on street corners; or renting a cart short-term.

"The least expensive option is to rent [a cart] for a short time and see how it goes," says Bruce Stockberger, owner of Stockberger Marketing Associates, a North Palm Beach, Florida, small-business marketing firm specializing in cart, kiosk and Internet marketing. He says you'll spend at least $600 per week for rent.

Whether you lease or buy a cart depends on your product and location. In malls, you generally lease a cart from mall management. The cost of leasing depends on the season and mall traffic volume but is usually at least $800 per month for space and a cart, and can get very high in a good location. Some malls charge a percentage of your sales in addition to monthly rent. Wally Rizza, owner of several carts in high-profile locations like the Irvine Spectrum Entertainment Center in Irvine, California, pays more than $2,000 per month for rent on each of his five carts.

Carts come in many sizes and styles with varying capabilities. There are carts for specific types of food, some with refrigerators, grills, steamers--even small ovens so you can bake on location. Determine your needs before ordering a cart, advises Jeffrey Morris, president of All A Cart Manufacturing Inc. in Columbus, Ohio, a cart design and manufacturing company. "List your products and the equipment required to make or display them," he says. "Also draw a simple layout of the cart to give [the manufacturer] an idea of size requirements."

With a permanent mall location, you don't have to worry about purchasing a cart, moving it or battling bad weather (unless it's an outdoor mall). You can build a clientele and predict how business will go and how much product you'll need. On the downside, rent may rise. If mall sales slump, you'll suffer. And if your product isn't exclusive, a neighboring store could start offering the same merchandise.

Once you've found your target customers, Van Auken says, "visit those areas and see what the traffic pattern is." In addition, according to Van Auken, you need to check with the property managers of your target location regarding such issues as product approval and display issues, security, operating costs, cash flow, staffing and lease length. (For a mall, you'll want to speak with mall management in charge of carts and kiosks. For a public place, contact the city or county to see if a cart is allowed and what permits are required. In a professional office building, contact building management.)

After you've balanced out cost issues and decided on lease length, then it's time to find great staffers and set a move-in date. "[Location] is always based on availability," Grant says. "[Kiosk owners] may have something in mind that's not available at the time they're coming into the mall."

With shopping center leases, you're customarily charged for maintenance of common areas and for the mall's marketing efforts. Find out what the mall's plans are for any structural alterations or remodeling, resurfacing the parking lots, or replacing the roof. These can be devastating assessments for a young business. Requirements for hours and days of operation, employee parking restrictions, participation in community service events, gift certificate and loyalty programs, and storefront appearance may not fit into your business plan or capabilities. Make sure you'll be capable of conforming to these requirements.

Retail Merchandising Kiosk in mall is the idea of scaling down big retail stores into smaller shops. It can also make the unused spaced that in-between inline stores to generate profit. Therefore, as a typical retail model of mall kiosks, Retail stall stands almost cover 70% of indoor kiosk business. There are vast types of retail companies that you can start within a retail kiosk. From Jewelry watches, luxury fashion retail to hats, clothing, perfume, shoes, daily used merchandise retail or toys, books, cell phone small gadgets retail. You can open your kiosk business with whatever you are interested in.

The retail shop in the mall is considered the most straightforward booth that is perfect for new starters and economic trends. With an enormous investment, you can start a retail booth shop, while if you are limited to a budget, you can begin a retail merchandising unit (RMU) stands or mobile portable mall carts. Compare to traditional inline storefronts. The retail pavilion provides a more profitable, easy mobile, and alternative business style with less cost. Browse our retail kiosk category and find the ideal retail display stands, retail booth, and mall cart to expand your business.

and manufacture portable retail merchandise units and retail stalls stand according to your dreamed ideas. Whether you are looking for a cell phone retail shop or bespoke T-shirt printing kiosk, our extensive collection of modular kiosk concept will give you the best inspiration. Nowadays, Large franchise brands & small scale companies are trending to promoting their business, merchandise, new fashions, or services within retail stalls. Those mobile Retail booth in the mall is no longer a symbol of the lower market. Moreover, many famous enterprises jump into the competition.

Nevertheless, Starting a retail mall stands still be the most profitable kiosk idea to go. Besides the beautiful modular kiosk design here, we also offer a customization kiosk service. Using 3D max and CAD design, we can program your mall kiosk counter in your dreamed style. Manufactured cost-effectively, Our kiosks & design concepts bring you a new fresh business idea and help you generate maximum revenue on your investment.

If you are looking for kiosk ideas to start inside the shopping mall, airport, or any indoor business environment, Here we have the top 10 most popular and profitable retail mall kiosks and cart ideas for your reference.

Cell phone retail is another hot retail store idea to start. From advanced cities mall to lower markets, cell phone retail always has excellent customer volume and generous profit. After all, the cell phone is part of our daily life. You can also sell cell phone accessories, phone cases, phone covers, or batteries inside cell phone kiosk carts to bring more juicy visitors.

Perfume retail in malls is one more remarkable retail business idea with great profit. Opening a square glass showcased retail islands or mobile retail carts for essence perfume and fragrance retail in mall is a smart retail business idea. And perfect for vendors with less budget and lack of retail experience.

If you are new to the retail business, starting a clothing retail pavilion in the mall is a good option. Clothing retail is the most straightforward retail mall stall idea with generous profit revenue. But T-shirt printing requires a higher grade, and custom T-shirt printing in mall is the most popular stalls among people pursuing character themes.

Opening a retail cart for candy or retail shops for pick-mix sweets is another profitable retail business that you can try. Candy is favorite by almost all the audiences. From a baby to aged, sweet candy retail in mall will have outstanding business sales and easy to franchise and grow big.

Retail booths and carts are trendy mall kiosks furniture. No matter what business you are entering, you will need perfect stalls stands both has an attractive outlook and functional inside. Ant Display offers a large quantity of modern design retail stands and mall carts at wholesale factory prices. 041b061a72


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