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IBM Enlists Watson To Define Customer Segments And Insights ((TOP))

Moreover, granular insights derived from the text allow teams to identify the areas with loopholes and work on their improvement on priority. By using semantic analysis tools, concerned business stakeholders can improve decision-making and customer experience.

IBM enlists Watson to define customer segments and insights

Cloud computing is the predominant technology of our time that empowers numerous businesses and tech segments. The junction of Internet of Things and cloud services unleashes the potential of IoT devices to the fullest, opening new horizons for companies and customers.

The information gathered is both qualitative and quantitative, and while NPS scores are easy to analyze, open-ended responses require a more in-depth analysis using text classification techniques. Instead of relying on humans to analyze voice of customer data, you can quickly process open-ended customer feedback with machine learning. Classification models can help you analyze survey results to discover patterns and insights like:


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