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Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Unlocked

my samsung galaxy S7 Edge shows in my manual and via ATT as model G935A. looking at the 'Support Article" you pointed me to, there is no G935A model in the samsung section. so it defaults to the 'all other models' section of the article. which states the following:

buy samsung galaxy s7 edge unlocked

How to enter a network unlock code in a Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeEntering the unlock code in a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is very simple.1. Start the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with an unaccepted simcard (unaccepted means different than the one in which the device works)2. Special unock window should appear- For message Sim network unlock pin you should enter the codes if the following order, Unfreeze confirm, NCK confirm (please try a couple of times if the Galaxy S7 edge does not accept it for the first time)There is also a special RGCK (regional lock code) code sometimes provided. Please use the RGCK code the same way as the NCK code.- If Service provider pin appears enter the codes in this order Unfreeze confirm, SPCK confirm (try a couple of times)3. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is now network unlocked !!!* sometimes the unfreeze code is not provided by the network (check the description of chosen service)

Hello!I put my SIM card in Samsung galaxy s7 edge which is locked to O2.I have an unlocking code but I can't put it because I entered other numbers more than three times before that and now I see "SIM network is blocked.Enter SIM network PUK ".How can I have that PUK to unlock the network ?Also the SIM card is working on the other devices ir is not blocked.Is is possible to block the phone while I try to unlock? 041b061a72


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