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Global Mba Online

You can study this online programme from anywhere in the world. The flexible approach to learning enables you to fit your studies around your commitments whilst providing the academic rigour and structure of an on-campus programme.

global mba online

You will need to submit at least one reference and some documentary evidence as part of your application. This will differ depending on your Entry Route and which criteria you meet. Your documents can be uploaded with your online application or you can email them at a later date.

The full programme fee includes all module and continuation fees for the duration of your study, as well as online tutor support. By paying in full at the beginning of your programme, you receive a discount on paying per module and avoid any annual fee increases.

The module continuation fee is the cost per module if you defer an examination or need to retake assessments. It includes all study materials, entry into assessments, and online tutor support.

To be considered for RPL you should make a formal request within your application when applying online. Alternatively, this can be done through an online enquiry, once you have submitted your application.

Grow within your current organization. Start your own business. Discover a new challenge. Whatever your specific goal, the Global Online MBA will help you to stand out from the competition. Blend academic concepts with real-world business applications in top global companies, while personalizing your academic journey with the Career Transformation program. Further enhance your professional potential with the IE Talent & Careers individual coaching sessions.

The four courses in the Capstone are co-created and co-delivered in collaboration with leading industry partners. You will be challenged to maximise your curiosity, test the knowledge you have accumulated, and apply a contemporary toolkit to ideate, develop and present business solutions. You will consult with global companies to solve real business challenges. By the end of your degree you will be equipped with applied business knowledge and skills gained in and across a portfolio of case studies.

This highly interactive online MBA is designed by our in-house educational technology specialists. Studying via our online learning platform, you will learn from world-class faculty at the Business School, whose academic excellence and industry knowledge will enrich your MBA experience.

Interest in online MBAs continues to be strong, with many schools seeing increases in applications during the past year. Prospective students appear to be putting an even greater premium on programs that offer flexibility and convenience, particularly as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic persist.

The ESMT Berlin Global Online MBA is designed to teach you everything that a modern decision-maker needs to be a successful leader. Technology and innovation are at the core of this highly flexible program that leads to a globally-recognized, triple-accredited ESMT Berlin MBA.

Overall, you will boost your career, employability and grow your professional network. Our Global MBA program will provide you with innovative leadership skills, a global mindset and the cutting-edge tools through our state-of-the-art learning management technology.

The Online Global MBA curriculum is composed of 10 core courses that you can attend. We organize elective courses in collaboration with our business and industry partners on specific topics relevant to global business and management challenges.

Join our LinkedIn group to connect, network, and get acquainted with fellow GWSB grad students in your academic program, and learn about upcoming professional development opportunities, student engagement events, online events and more. Please note: this group is only open to current students and alumni.

Handshake is the official online recruiting platform and event calendar for the F. David Fowler Career Center and the Center for Career Services. To search for jobs and internships, find and register for events, and connect with career coaches, log in to Handshake.

Students of Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) online come from a variety of professional, personal, and cultural backgrounds. Their unique experiences further enrichen the learning environment fostered by our academics, while being equipped with the tools needed to find success across the world.

[00:04:03] So I can't even tell you how many I looked at. It's a bit overwhelming, I remember when I was searching and particularly not having any university experience at that point or academic experience. I remember going through that challenge of Google Top MBA schools, all these different fairs and things like that. And eventually, I actually went to an online fair which pulled together the top business schools around the world, and I narrowed it down to five, basically. And I think when I spoke to Bayes or Cass as they were at that point, I knew they had a really strong reputation in the MBA space and they'd won lots of awards and I saw they were triple accredited. And I think those were things that appealed to me, but there were lots of others. So I remember going back a year and trying to create what that checklist is of things that were important to me to make a decision. And the reputation and the awards one were absolutely

[00:09:27] You know, this last year, I've been, like I mentioned, I've been kind of exploring two other things, so, exploring new opportunities and trying to find what I want to do. So on a, I guess, personal professional development level, my skill set as a Chief of Staff, typically you are a consultant before you become a Chief of Staff, and I've gone in quite a different way where I had ownership of multiple different departments and that moved me into a Chief of Staff role. So I was exploring the consulting move, I would say, from when I started in September, and that really came about with, you have these online webinars that are available to you whilst you're doing your MBA, with different companies. So some of them are coaches such as coaches to get into the consulting industry, or there was one specifically where it was a careers coach, specifically in private equity, and we had another one, which was specifically from companies. We had one with PWC, one with AstraZeneca. Totally up to you to join which ones you want. You know, what you put in you absolutely get back. And so from one of those, I went on the consulting one, which was a guy who had lots of experience connected to the school. He was a careers coach for the consulting industry specifically. And they gave you kind of a really honest view of exactly what that sector was like. And it absolutely appealed to me. I think after that session, I then had a separate call with the chap who was running it. And after that, I then went into the careers team who then helped me reformat my CV, gave me access to case studies, told me about the opportunities and what I should expect in interviews. But I think the real benefit, I would say from the course, I'll come onto the material in a second, how that's helped me, but is actually in the networking area. So through someone who was part of my 1st study group who I would say is a close friend now. She linked me up with someone else who happened to run a managing consulting business, who I had a coffee with, who then was happy to link me up with a managing partner strategy consultant for one of the biggest consulting companies in the world. And I had 45 minutes with this person and it was purely through my network, through the school. So on a professional level, I had my networking conversations and I try to network with someone new every week with an online or in-person coffee. But it gave me that opportunity to go and have this one to one with that managing partner strategy consultant. And actually, whether it's good or bad, I guess it's good looking at the positive. It showed me that that is not for me. I was told very clearly that I would be quite bored if I went straight into that sector with what I'm doing now in the start-up side, so that was one.

[00:16:48] Well, the statement I'd say at the beginning is you have to really want this. It is a commitment, It's not easy. But if you want it, you will put the work in and I promise you'll love it. You know, as I understand, we've had no one drop off our course, and we've been doing it since September. So you really have to want this, to do it, because you are going to be putting in 10 plus hours in a week for the next two years. So I would say that I think in terms of the specific skill set traits committed, obviously with what I've just said, you've got to be open minded. And I say that because, this course, it's a Global MBA, but it's for people who have experience already. You're going to be with people who have worked in business for more than five years, and everyone's coming from different cultures, company backgrounds, company cultures, to different places all over the world. So you've got to be open-minded and respectful that views will be different across your study group at times. And the theory that you're presented with may challenge the way you've done something. But the way to look at it is, you know, another skill I would say is be reflective throughout. So something that's really helped me is just as I've gone through I'm looking back at the experiences that I've had in situations I've had and applying the theory or looking at the scenario of how another business has handled a scenario, and could I have handled that better and what would I do differently. So committed, open minded. You need to be organised, of course. Whilst a benefit with this is it's all online and of course, you have deadlines but within like a two week window, because you can work up to two weeks ahead. You need to be organised and the more organised you are and the more structured you are and the more regimented with what time is study time, the quicker you'll get through it, the more you will also take away from it. And a huge part of this I would say, something I definitely lost at the beginning, trying to find my balance. You're working, you're studying. That personal time that you have is just as important, and you need to keep that while you go through because you're working really hard, so organised in the sense of making sure you have time for all three. And then time management I guess so, committed, open minded, organised, time management and you need to really want. Those are the ones I think I said. 041b061a72


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