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Heartland - Season 2 ##VERIFIED##

The protagonist of the series, Amy, practices natural horsemanship, the intuitive training and healing method used by her late mother, Marion. When Amy was fifteen, she was seriously injured in a car crash that killed Marion. They were living with Marion's father (Amy's grandfather), Jack, on his ranch, Heartland. While Amy recuperated, her estranged father, Tim, returned. Jack had banished Tim years earlier due to Tim's alcohol and drug use. Amy adjusts to her father re-entering her life, while older sister, Lou, who works in New York City, returns to Heartland after Marion's death. Jack begrudgingly accepts Tim, who tries to make amends for the past. Over time, Amy develops a close relationship with Ty Borden, a ranch hand working at Heartland as part of his probation. They fall in love, though the relationship is occasionally rocky. In the last episode of season 5, Ty plans to propose to Amy, but decides against it after overhearing her say she does not want to be tied down. They eventually marry, and, at the end of season 9, Amy is pregnant. At the end of Season 10, Amy gives birth to a girl, Lyndy Marion. In season 13, Amy and Ty become foster parents to Luke. Season 14 sees Amy dealing with Ty's accidental death and coping with being a single mother.

Heartland - Season 2

Jack, the family patriarch, was Marion's father and is Amy and Lou's grandfather. A former rodeo star, he owns Heartland. When Marion took over Heartland, it became a horse ranch. After her death, Jack helps Amy and Ty maintain Heartland and its horses and also repairs broken equipment, fences, and the like. Early in the series, he has a strained relationship with ex-son-in-law Tim, stemming from Tim's troubled past with alcohol and prescription drug abuse, his acrimonious divorce from Marion, and neglecting Amy and Lou when they were younger. Jack barely tolerate Tim at times, and they frequently argue over the running of the ranch. Jack was initially judgmental towards the new ranch hand, Ty, but gradually considers him like a son. Jack gives his blessing to Ty and Amy marrying. Jack's stubbornness and resistance to change sometimes causes friction between him and others, particularly with his romantic interest, Lisa Stillman, and granddaughter, Lou. Jack and Lisa elope in the season 7 finale. Jack suffers a heart attack and collapses in the field. Tim finds and saves him. Jack dotes on his three great-granddaughters, Katie, Georgie, and Lyndy.

Georgie is Lou and Peter's adopted daughter who was orphaned at age 3. After the foster care system separated her and her brother, Jeff, Georgie developed serious behavioral problems, though her behavior gradually improves. Georgie, a natural equestrian and a tomboy, is fearless, talented, strong-minded, and clever. This initially makes Mallory, a young family friend, jealous. Georgie grows close to the family but occasionally misbehaves, even running away once. In later seasons, Georgie joins the Extreme Team, a trick riding group, replacing show jumping as Georgie's main equestrian activity. She develops romantic feelings for Adam Parker, her tutor. Georgie and Adam briefly date but break up when Adam thinks she has feelings for Clay McMurtry. By seasons 14 and 15, she is in a relationship with newcomer Quinn. He encourages Georgie to revive her dream of competing in the Olympics. She begins training at his family's Florida ranch. Although billed as "main cast" during this time, Georgie later becomes more of a "recurring character" due to her infrequent visits back to Heartland. She was absent for all of season 15 and much of 16 after Newton left the main cast for nearly two seasons to pursue other acting opportunities. She returned for the last two episodes of season 16. Early on in season 16, Georgie gets into a riding accident during one of the competitions off screen that lead her to be nearly paralyzed. She returned to the ranch on screen at the end of season 16, after her character made a physical recovery to deal with the trauma of her accident.

Much of the series is filmed on location in and around High River, Alberta, with additional filming in studio and on location in nearby Calgary. A June 2013 flood in High River[2] swamped the standing set for Maggie's Diner.[3][4][5] The main Heartland sets escaped damage,[6] and seventh season scripts were rewritten to move shooting locations for the fictional town of Hudson to Inglewood, a historic neighborhood in downtown Calgary.[7] A month after the flood, the show's Calgary studios offered behind-the-scenes tours to paying fans for a one-day "Heartlanders for High River" fundraiser,[8] providing $80,000 to help the town recover.[9]

Entertainment One has released the first seven seasons of Heartland on DVD in Region 1 (Canada only). The standalone TV movie A Heartland Christmas was released on DVD in Canada on November 1, 2011[13] and in the United States on October 29, 2013.[14] Season 8 was released in Canada on October 6, 2015.[15]

In its series premiere, Heartland beat Global's comedy Da Kink in My Hair with 513,000 viewers in a battle of two new series.[27] After four episodes, Heartland had an average viewership of 464,000.[28] In its first-season finale, Heartland attracted 625,000 viewers.[29] The third-season premiere brought in over one million viewers, a new record for the show.[30] The 100th episode "After All We've Been Through" was watched by 945,000 viewers.[31]

Heartland airs in Canada on CBC at 7 pm (7:30 pm in Newfoundland) on Sundays. The series also airs in the United States on the UpTV and formerly on the defunct Light TV digital broadcast network. It is also distributed online on Netflix internationally (excluding Canada). The series previously also aired on The CW before being transferred solely to UP by 2010. The show became the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history on October 19, 2014, when it surpassed the previous 124-episode record set by Street Legal.[1][2] As of February 5, 2023,[update] 249 episodes of Heartland have aired, concluding the sixteenth season. The fourteenth season premiered in Canada on January 10, 2021, and airing later in the United States on UP's UP Faith and Family streaming service on May 6, 2021 and premiered on linear Up TV starting July 8, 2021 as part of the summer Thursday night programming schedule. The fifteenth season premiered on Up Faith & Family starting in March 17, 2022 and premiered later on Up TV on May 19. The show was renewed for a 15-episode 16th season on June 1, 2022 and started production on the same day. It is set to debut in the fall in Canada and will later in spring 2023 on Up Faith and Family and in the summer on the main Up TV channel in the US.

The second season of Heartland follows sixteen-year-old horse whisperer Amy, and her older sister Lou through the highs and lows of life on a family-owned horse ranch. As Lou adjusts to her new life in the country, Amy has troubles of her own as Ty returns and competes with Caleb, the new stable hand, for her heart.

Other regions are not set to lose Heartland in March 2023 and are expected to continue receiving new seasons. Even if no new seasons are licensed, the series will remain on Netflix in most regions until at least 2025.

With that said, those outside the United States did notably lose much of the back catalog of older seasons of Heartland in January 2022. Season 15 is streaming in most regions, with the US likely receiving it in Spring 2023.

UP Faith & Family is the only service to stream NEW seasons of Heartland first! If you're not already a subscriber, you can get a free trial and start streaming past seasons instantly -- all commercial-free!

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Among its other original series, Netflix will debut the second season of Narcos and the fifth season of Longmire on Sept. 2 and Sept. 23, respectively. Meanwhile, its movie slate will add classics from the '70s and '80s, including Jaws, Footloose and Top Gun, among other titles.

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