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Cam Ron Come Home With Me Download Rarl

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For that time period, I would have to say that Long Binh was modeled after most large military bases, containing recreational opportunities to distract you from the fact that you were counting the days until you could return home. Unlike the military bases in Germany, for example, there was no family housing at Long Binh because Vietnam was a war zone. My husband was stationed at Binh Thuy, a much smaller base that lacked most of the niceties of Long Binh. At Binh Thuy, my husband witnessed the prevalence of heavy drug abuse among the enlisted ranks and was relieved to return stateside in 1972 after 7 months in country. The Vietcong hit the base ammo dump with mortar rounds, resulting in the destruction and abandonment of the base.

I was with the 62nd Trans Co 67-68I was the wrecker operator on convoy everyday. Anyone who was stationed on TC Hill during this time frame give me a email *personal information removed per policy* Welcome Home to all.

I was at Long Binh from June of 1970 to May of 1971 with first signal brigade. Pulled perimeter and interior guard most of that time. Saw a lot of oriental go go bands and a few Australian bands, drank a ton of beer and came home to my first divorce. *Personal information removed per policy.*

I arrived in long binh march 68. Hq company 40th signal. I was asked if I could type I said yes and was assigned as supply sgt in the cable yard.. The 40th was a telephone line installation unit. I was very good at my job but not at souldering. I got into trouble command sgtmajor zeeks and I had a few run ins. Right after tet I shipped out for D company in phu tigh. We had a club in the camp. On weekends the lt would send 2 1\2s to town to pick up girls . Not every week but we had a few phillipino groups come to our little home made movie bar whore house. We got hit a few times but we had rok marines one hill over so charles stayed away most days. Those rok dudes did not like viets north or south. I shipped out stateside 3/69.ft benning then nato central command europe. By yhe time I left nam I was doing alot of drinking and much dope. The vc tried to kill me with bullets but the dutch girls tried a much more pleasent way. I thi k leaving the armt after over 6 years was a mistake. I really enjoyed the service. There is not anything line it. Sorry so many brothers died. I think of them. I yhink we could help our men now by contacting our old units and sending care packages. God bless yall. Yes I am a southerner.

I served in Long Binh from Oct 70 to Sep 71 as a Captain in the Medical Service Corps, S-4 Logistics Officer, 58th Med Battalion. Parent unit of the above mentioned Dustoff unit. I spent my time closing all Dustoff units in the area and then we closed our headquarters. I transferred to the 24 Evac where I helped set up the drug testing program for ALL Army personnel returning home. We placed soldiers failing the test in the prison hospital mentioned above that previously held enemy combatants.To those at the ammo dump..We used to watch the helicopters with those million watt lights search for intruders.Thank you for your service. I am proud to have served with you.

I served at Long Binh from Feb.1968 to Feb. 1969.I remember Tet Offensive and the Ammo Dump blowing up. I served with the 92nd Eng. C Co.Worked on base and off base. Pulled a lot of guard duty i8n Bunkers at night. Had some good nights and some bad nights.I want to welcome home all my brothers and never forget the brothers left behind.God Bless

On Halloween day, 31 October 1972 a CH-47 Chinook from the 18th Corps Aviation Company out of Can Tho Army Airfield was shot down by a Russian made SA-7 ground-to-air missile. There were 12 souls on board. The aircraft crashed and burned. There were no survivors. All but three of the occupants were burned beyond recognition. I was the OIC of the recovery operations. The Quartermaster Graves Registration folks from Long Bihn came and recovered all the burn victims. I never got an opportunity to think them for their quick response and hard work. So I say to you not, thank you, and welcome home.

I was there 70/71 1st sig across the road from LBJ. The Nam had it share of everyone. Lifer,drunks,dopper we were all there. Some how we all made it home. Some of us had troubles why we did our coping skills with what ever meds we had.

Arrived 1971 thru deactivation, then sent to the 3rd 187th in PhuBai. 23rd then 7th 8th arty FSB happy, 2 8in, 2 175s, duster and quads for support. Tay Ninh province, 100 feet inside of Cambodia. Mt Nui Ba Den in the background. Duties were whatever was required to assist 24/7. I was a utility player, Jack of all duties, master of none. Rode convoys through rubber plantation, and at times stopped along the way to pick up the weeds as needed, and also supplies in Tay Ninh to take back to the FSB. Worked with the Sensor Placement and assisted Skip with search Light duties (that was fun). Captain Spears stands out. Russ the crazy man and a lake named after LT Brady. New areas of spraying identified for Agent Orange. Area of Dar-Prek Plantation 1969 Northern Tay Ninh . Stay covid free, many Veteran dead because the staff in Nursing homes werent tested until 7/3/20 shame on leadership.

I was their from 70 to 71 at the 38 base post office, Hot humid during the rainy season. We humped mail 24/7 made a lot of guy happy every day Good fellows that I served with worked super hard to keep our troops up with their mail and what was going back in the world. I prayed that all the fellows who i served with made it home safe to their loved ones. Bob Hope was the best entertainment we as soldiers really loved his shows and the people he brought with him.

I was there in 1970-71. Stationed in the ICCV in the closed loop division. I was the NCO item manager for all artillery, Dusters and tanks for the entire country with three depots to draw from. Closed loop because we collected all of these items that were combat damaged and moved them back to the ports and sent them back home for repair. Saw some of the same tanks come back and put back into service within the year I was there.

May 1970-Dec 1970, I served at Plantation Compound on and off as a captain assigned to the 11th ACR, where we maintained a staging area for combat vehicles and equipment that was destined to be transported out to forward deployed units of the regiment. After reverting to my basic Officer branch, Ordnance, I assumed command of the 378th Maintenance Company, part of the 185th Maintenance Battalion, 29th General Support Group. We had big problems with drug use among our soldiers and many served bad time at LBJ before they were sent home and booted out with DDs. But for every druggie, we had 10 decent, hard-working GIs and it was a great privilege to lead them. I stayed in the Army and eventually retired as a colonel in 1994. God Bless you all for your service and sacrifice.

When we landed at Ton-Son-Nhut, the base was under attack. After a short bus ride, we got to the processing center at Long Binh. We were told nothing! That night we got hit with a rocket attack. A friend of mine for the next 12 months got hit in the face with shrapnel. I got blown out of the bunk. A bunch of buildings were blown up. A couple of troops headed home were killed.

To Byron T. Yes, I was there at the same time. Did many jobs. Was assigned to the 219th Millitary Intelligence Detachment. Was company clerk, in the II shop, Runner to the TOC area, where I met General Davidson. Commuted to Bien Hoa Air Base daily the last part of my tour for the Vietnazation Program. Trying to remember the HHC clerk that was so helpful during my duty as company clerk. I knew nothing, just filled in until a young man with the correct MOS came in and took over. I remember him, because he was from the same State and area back home. Gone now Ronald Benner. 525 question. 219th was the first unit East North East of Long Binh. Our night duty bunker was in the marsh between the 90th Replacement Battlion and II Field Forces on Plantation. Watched many a sniper tracers go through that bunker, with me in it.

I was in Long Binh in the 19th right beside the 32nd medivac which was right behind our hooch. My company was right beside where QL13 and Hwy 1 ran parallel. your helipad was right behind us. I was there from August 1971 to April 1972. I have been reading some of these blogs and I think the same way with most of everyone else on here. I appreciate hearing fron a neighbor I didnt know. Please respond when you can. Welcome home Brother!

I was in the 259th Replacement Company as a 1st Lt in August 67 to August 68. I met the planes with both arriving soldiers and those going home. I want to publicly thank the MPs who accompanied us day and night on trips to and from Bien Hoa.My Company Commander, interestingly enough, was named was G.I Stanley.

Tom Adkins: I was with the 624th S&S Company 66-67. My hooch and orderly room was located right across the road from the 93rd evc hospital. I watched those helicopters come and go all the time during the year that I was there.

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